Welcome to ShadowHawkz!


Founded in 2006 we are offering 16 different battlefield 2 coop servers. Play against a whole army of bots! We have created a custom bf2 ranking based on Bf2Statistics but with a focus on a scaling coop experience, as well as optimal gameplay.

Other custom bf2 rankings with bots do not cover the convergation process between bots and players with the right dimensions. So because bots are easier to kill in general the achievement system should scale properly. With our over ten-year experience with battlefield 2 we createed an optimal ranking for bots! Have a look at our ranking requirements and convince yourself. Try to reach the Top 100. If you reach the top ten you will get honored as a bot player name in our server files! Try to climb the Leaderboards to perpetuate! We have different servers with different mods and maps.



Please keep in mind that our servers are COOP servers. The idea is to play cooperative with players against the bots. Please dont be a troll! If you want to fight against other players you can play on our VERSUS marked servers (like our strike inf only server). Of course glitching, bugusing, cheating, etc is not allowed and will result in a ban and/or stats reset!

Do you have any suggestions, critic or problems? Please feel free to contact us!
See you on the battlefield, soldier!