Battlefield 2 Requirements

Here you can explore our bf2 ranking requirements, specially designed for playing against bots! Because of the amount of bots, the requirements for kills, score, etc are much higher, compared to regular bf2 ribbons, medals and badges.

Our ranks

Ranks are and were some of the main motivation for most battlefield 2 players. Seeing a general testifies to honor and respect. TO become a general is a hard way in battlefield 2 and also not easy in our ranking. But in general the time needed is much lower compared to original bf2.

Our ribbons

In classic battlefield 2 series, ribbons only can be obtained once. To combine the world of battlefield 3 and greater with the one of battlefield 2, we changed this to getting ribbons multiple times! The ribbons mostly differ from original battlefield 2. A ribbon just can obtained once a round.

Our medals

Medals are awarded for players with high ambitions! Theese have high requirements so you will need skill to get them! Especially for bots this means high values to reach. For the medals we removed the time requirements. Covering different aspects of teamplay each medel represents a unique behavior.

Our Badges

The badges behave mosty the same but with stronger and higher values. Badges have three different levels with increasing difficulty: Bronze, silver and gold. Each badge just can be obtained once! Badges are necessary for an impressive way of a very good soldier. Some of the badges you will need to get spezific ranks.


We changed the unlock system for weapons. One half of the weapons (7 weapons) can be choosen a specific rank. The other half just can be obtained if every expert class badge is obtained. For each expert class badge one more weapon can be choosen. In order to use unlocks you will need to activate shadowhawkz as custom ranking (see tutorials)