General Rank Information

Here you can see the different rank stages for the ShadowHawkz coop ranking. The blue path will show you the way every player can go. Means: Blue rank stages you can earn just by reaching the score. The orange path is an optional path. You will need to solve some requirements to get this rank! Which requirements you need you can see in the player stats of your account.

Rank Stages

0 Private 150 Private First Class 500 Lance Corporal 1.000 Corporal 3.000 Sergeant 6.000 Staff Sergeant 10.000 Gunnery Sergeant 18.000 Master Sergeant { 26.000 First Sergeant 34.000 Master Gunnery Sergeant { 42.000 Sergeant Major { 50.000 Sergeant Major of the Corps 60.000 2nd Lieutenant 75.000 1st Lieutenant 90.000 Captain 115.000 Major 140.000 Lieutenant Colonel 170.000 Colonel { 200.000 Brigadier General { 250.000 Major General { 350.000 Lieutenant General { 500.000 General