General unlocks information

Generally you can get up to 14 unlocks in Battlefield 2. If you reach one of the following ranks, you can get up to 7 unlock weapons. Theese are the first weapons you can get.

For each rank up of the ranks above, you will get one more available unlock. Which weapons you can choose are displayed in the first table below.

To unlock the other 7 weapons (also called special forces weapons) you will need the corrosponding expert badge for your played class, which are shown below:

So for example, getting Expert Medic Badge will unlock the G36e for you. The avaiable weapons are displayed in the second table below.

But keep in mind:

If you want to have the second unlock weapon for a class, you first have to unlock the previous weapon! (So in our example the L85A1)

Unlocks by rank

Weapon Image

The L85A1, contrary to popular belief, is not the most accurate assault rifle. It has the least accurate rapid-fire/full auto assault performance, and the worst prone benefit. However, the scope allows players to place shots better at medium to long range when fired in semi-automatic mode, making it functionally more accurate for some.

The M95 is not the most accurate sniper rifle, nor is it the most damaging.It does have the ability to shoot through cockpit glass, and that may be thereason that some damage numbers for the weapon show higher than the M24, butin actual practice it does the same damage to a player as the M24, requiringtwo hits to the torso to kill or one head shot.

The DAO-12 is a must have upgrade for the Anti-tank kit. At close range it is far more deadly than the standard sub-machinegun, with a good rate of fire and decent ammo capacity. The DAO-12 requires two shots at point blank range to kill. However, reloading the DAO-12 takes 7.5 seconds, one shell at a time.

The MK3A1 is a very lethal close quarters weapon. While doing less damage per shot than the pump-action shotguns, it does a bit more damage than the S12K or DAO-12, and it can fire all 7 shots in just over one second. Like all shotguns, it is not accurate beyond short range, and it has an enormous recoil penalty. It also has a 5 second reload time.

The G36C is an accurate, versatile weapon, and a popular unlock for many players, with good single shot and full automatic performance, from the hip or zoomed. It does not come with a red-dot scope, so for some players the M4 or AK-74U may be a better choice for longer range engagements.

The PKM is just as accurate firing multiple rounds as the RPK-74, and does more damage per shot than any other LMG, though it only has a 100 round magazine. The high damage and accuracy of the PKM makes it a solid upgrade for the Support player.

The G3 is an interesting weapon. It does more damage per shot than the other assault rifles, but its reputation for accuracy is misleading. It has the highest minimum deviation of all the assault rifles and highest possible deviation per shot. It also has the lowest recoil when zoomed, but has higher multi-shot penalties than any other assault rifle.

Unlocky by expert class badge

Weapon Image

H&K G36-E
The G36 family of weapons is an example of the new thinking in assault weaponry. They are constructed mostly of high strength polymers with metal used where appropriate. The G36E is the standard assault rifle variant of the G36 family.

The L96A1 is popular sniper rifle. Put together the best of the M24 and M95 and you will end up with the L96A1. It has the same firepower as the M24 and M95, these rifles will reduce the health with 95% of a full health soldier in a single shot. On top of that, the L96A1 is together with the M24 the most accurate weapon in the game. But it overpowers the M24 because of its load time which is equal to the M95.

The P90 was developed specifically as a PDW for vehicle crew members such as tank drivers. The P90 has very good power for its size and uses an SS190 round. In BF2, this weapon is available to the Anti-Tank class, as a second tier unlock in BF2 and BF2 Armoured Fury. It also features in BF2 Euroforce as the default weapon for the EU Army.

The MP7 is part of a new breed of personal defense weapons intended to replace traditional side arms or submachine guns. The MP7 is issued to troops who would not normally carry an assault rifle (such as vehicle pilots or crew members)

The Special Forces Capable Assault Rifle (SCAR) was commissioned by US SOCOM for use by the US Special Forces. It is capable of holding either light 5.56mm rounds or heavy 7.62mm rounds. The SCAR-L is the light variant.

H&K MG36
The G36 family of weapons is an example of the new thinking in assault weaponry. They are constructed mostly of high strength polymers with metal used where appropriate. The MG36 is a light machine gun variant carrying 100 rounds in a single, dual ammo drum.

The F2000 is a fully modular, completely ambidextrous assault rifle. Its modules can be changed without the aid of tools making it very versatile.