Servers online again
10.04.2023, posted by [SHz] Team

We're back! Our homepage and servers are now up and running. Thank you for your patience during the maintenance work. We've improved our performance and security, making your gaming experience even better. See you on the battlefield, soldier!

With kind regards

Your ShadowHawkz-Team

Maintenance Window 11th april 2023 to 12th april 2023
09.04.2023, posted by [SHz] Team

We would like to inform you about the planned maintenance works on our homepage and servers. The maintenance work is planned for the period from April 10 at 16:00 UTC to April 11 at 4:00 UTC in the morning.

During this time our services will be offline and unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and ask for your understanding as we work to improve the performance and security of our servers.

See you on the battlefield, soldier!

Please note that this maintenance is part of our ongoing efforts to provide you with the best possible gaming experience.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the maintenance and let you know when we expect the service to be available again. Please stay tuned to our website and social media for updated information.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

With kind regards

Your ShadowHawkz-Team

Fix Bugs in Frontend and Backend
17.01.2023, posted by [SHz] Team

We have fixed some bugs for leaderboards section, so that the information are displaying again.

We also fixed some issues with storing additional logs, which leads to big data. Our system has enough space again to process als requests and the ranking should work fine again.

A big thank you to all the soldiers who reported to us! If you find any bug please do not hestitate to contact us!

See you on the battlefield, soldier!

With kind regards

Your ShadowHawkz-Team

Meritorious Service Medal
10.09.2020, posted by [SHz] Team

We have fixed a bug where the Meritorious Service Medal was not saved correctly in the stats backend. Now everything should work as expected again. A big thank you to all the soldiers who reported to us! Together with you, our ranking is getting better every day.

See you on the battlefield, soldier!

With kind regards

Your ShadowHawkz-Team

Balancing Changes on the NWM server
11.01.2020, posted by [SHz] Team

First of all: We wish you all a happy and successful new year 2020!

We removed the PSG1, the MGL140 grenade launcher and the Ultimate Towers 2 and Eagles Nest maps from the NWM Mod for balancing reasons.

10,000 points on a map for example simply has no relation. NWM is a great mod, but we don't want it to be played just to grind the shit out of it.

I hope you can understand this decision.

We still wish you a lot of fun on our servers!

See you on the battlefield, soldier!

With kind regards

Your ShadowHawkz-Team

Fixed stats hover requirements
14.11.2019, posted by [SHz] Team

We fixed the hover requirements for pistol and knife badges, so the kills display properly now!

Sorry fore some confusion about that!

We also changed the ranking requirements overview. Now, if you have some missing badges, they will be greyed out. So will will directly see which awards are missing for your rank progress.

See you on the battlefield, soldier!

With kind regards

Your ShadowHawkz-Team

Server maintenance scheduled for Sunday at 8pm (MET+1)
18.09.2019, posted by [SHz] Team

Servers are shut down Sunday at 8pm (MET+1) for maintenance. If you play then your statistics from the current round will be lost. Homepage will also be unavailable.

See you on the battlefield, soldier!

With kind regards

Your ShadowHawkz-Team

Added New AIX2 NWM Mod Server
10.06.2019, posted by [SHz] Team

We are glad to announce a new battlefield 2 server for you: Night Watch Militia (NWM) AIX2 Mod Server.

The new server runs the NWM mod which is a mini mid based on AIX 2. This mods holds over 90 maps and adds new weapons and vehicles to the battlefield! We finally migrated this mod into our stats system so you can play on this server like on all others. So you can earn awards, points and time as usual.

Here's a small image preview of the new mod:

The NWM mod consits of a mini mod and 6 map packs.

You can download this mod by visiting the Night Watch Milita homepage. Or you can click on the direkt links below.

Link Size
NWM Core Files Installer 889 MB
Mappack (1 / 6) 1,138 MB
Mappack (2 / 6) 1,244 MB
Mappack (3 / 6) 924 MB
Mappack (4 / 6) 1,171 MB
Mappack (5 / 6) 1,180 MB
Mappack (6 / 6) 1,222 MB

Thanks to the NWM mod team for such a beautiful mod!

If you are noticing any instabilities on certain maps or you have some other problems with this mod please feel free to contact us. We are happy when you are!

See you on the battlefield, soldier!

With kind regards

Your ShadowHawkz-Team

ShadowHawkz Stats 3.0
08.05.2019, posted by [SHz] Team
Finally ...

Our entire team is glad to announce our latest changes: We rebuild our entire server structure. This inlucdes the homepage, database, server configuration and stats processing. Up on now it will be much easier for us to integrate new mods into our ranking! We also are storing more information about our players in our database, so you can get more detailed information about played rounds. This took us about a year to get everything ready. In short terms: We rebuilt everything!

Why we redesign our software?

Good question soldier! This has several reasons. First of all the previous stats backend system was just terrible in design. The new system will allow a much cleaner database and more configuration possibilities.

Also the website now uses a much cleaner URL syntax for accesing common parts our our stats system.

... but whats new for me?

Most of the redesign you will not even notice, because this affects software changes made somewhere in the backend. But theese changes are important and since we are growing this step had to be done.

You as bf2 soldier now can see all leaderboard for every section displayed on the player stats page. You can navigate trough army, maps, kits, and many many more. Some of them were rudimently integraded before.

Also our server overview got a refresh. You can now see which map is playing by name and which maps to come. Also loading speed for displaying server information is improved.

You are talking about new mods. Which mods to come?!

Yes, you heard right soldier. To mentions some this will be mods which should be integreaded within the next year of work:

  • Alpha Project
  • Operation Peackeeper 2
  • Nations At War
  • Operation Peackeeper 2
  • Forgotten Hope 2
  • ...

You know some other cool mod for battlefield 2 ? Let us know! We look forward to your suggestions!

Always keep in mind: We are happy when you are! Battlefield 2 community is one of the strongest and best gaming communities out there and we are glad to see everybody of you keeping this thing real.

For a detailed information (change log) your can see below

  • Neutralizes and Neutralizies Assits are now beeing displayed.
  • Zipline Time beeing displayed now.
  • Grappling Hooks Time will be displayed now.
  • Maps are being seperated correctly now (different dalian plants for example, for each mod).
  • Rebuild underlying stats system. Based on new Bf2Statistics.
  • Clantag is updated accordingly now.
  • Country is displaying correct now.
  • Bf2SF64 special forces server works now with special forces awards.
  • Fixed A10 enter bug on hard justice mod.
  • Changed it infrastructure vom proxmox vm system to docker system.
  • Updated Hardware from 32 GB Ram to 64 GB Ram.
  • Search player by just hitting ENTER-key.
  • Changed URL Syntax for page navigation.
  • Updated Ribbon, Medals and Badges award information.
  • Server overview displays correct images and map names now.
  • Decrease images sizes for homepage.

A special thank you goes out to our supporters, who made the new system possible with their donations. You are amazing! Thank you so much, you keep us alive!

  • Travis D.
  • Werner U.
  • Matthew B.
  • John Francis D.
  • Bernhard K.
  • Jamie M.

With kind regards

Your ShadowHawkz-Team

Added 2 new servers! PEO2 and AIX 2.0
01.06.2018, posted by JayDLX

Good news for all players! We increased our server count!:

Another AIX 2.0 server

Another server? Yes! But this time with a new and different mappack. Some of you wished there would be another server. We glad to announce, that this server is online now!
Point of Existence 2 server!
On the other hand we introduced another new mod to our server family! PEO2 is another famous and successful mod by our lovly gaming community! This server is also online, but it is limited to some maps in the moment. We will need more time, to adjust the ranking file to add some more maps to work with our ranking. We will keep you updated about this process.

See you on the battlefield!
With kind regards
Your ShadowHawkz-Team
More stats, more competition, more fun!
25.05.2018, posted by JayDLX
Dear lovly soldiers!
Finally we improved some aspects of our bf2 stats statistics. You now have more possibilities to view additional stats. There were some broken links, and other not yet implemented. We changed the following:

Player stats:
  • Changed Time Plot in player stats, now displayed in hours (decimal)
  • Added additional stats page for teamwork stats
  • Added additional stats page for vehicle stats
  • Added additional stats page for weapon stats
  • Added additional stats page for army stats
  • Added additional stats page for classes stats
  • Added additional stats page for ranking stats
  • Added additional stats page for ribbons, medals and badges stats
  • Added additional stats page for country stats
This will hopefully help you to compare to other players! And maybe get some extra motivation. (What about being the guy with most knife kills?)
See you on the battlefield!
With kind regards
Your ShadowHawkz-Team
We do not tolerate any type of cheating!
10.02.2018, posted by PaVen

Due to Glitching 2 players were banned by us on the respective servers and their statistics were reseted. Actually, it should be common sense and the rules are permanently running on all servers as an auto-message. We are NOT! tolerating any kind of cheating (like glitching)!

But apparently not everyone understood that, so again: Any type of cheating will be punished by us and can lead to a reset of your statistics! Please play fair! We hope these are the first and last violations of our rules.

See you on the battlefield!
With kind regards
Your ShadowHawkz-Team
Created new weapon unlock system!
10.12.2017, posted by JayDLX

Dear soldiers! We changed the ability for having weapon unlocks ingame. By default, no unlocks are unlocked from the beginning. But you earn them by reaching specific ranks and collecting expert badges. For more detailed information, look at unlocks and ranks.

Because we use a custom ranking you have to activate ShadowHawkz as BFHQ ranking in your Bf2Hub client. But this can be done very easy! For more instructions please refer to the tutorial section under Get Unlocks.

Once you activated our ranking in your settings, you can unlock the weapons within the ingame BFHQ! If you already have a high rank, e.g. colonel, you will get a selection menu, where you can activate all first 7 unlocks.

We also added a new stats section tab in the player stats, where you can see your unlocks.

With kind regards
Your ShadowHawkz-Team

We are back again!
30.11.2017, posted by JayDLX
We finally managed to bring our server back online with ranking! All our servers are running again now. Also Punkbuster is running now. You do not believe? Here is a screenshot from bf2hub servers page ;)

So what does this mean for you?
You are able to play against the whole army of bots again!

Information for old revive-players

If you were usually playing with revive launcher, and you got a new account with bf2hub, this will lead into a second created account in our database. Will will merge your two accounts together. Please tell us your old and your new account name and pid. Please do this via >> this << form.

If you have any further questions, you can always send us an email or write to facebook.

Then hopefully we will see each other again on the battlefield soldier!

With kind regards
Your ShadowHawkz-Team
Revive-project has left the game...
23.11.2017, posted by JayDLX
Hello soldiers! Like you may already noticed, has left the game from bf2 revive scene.
EA contacted the revive-project team to remove their files, downloads and services. This means for you:

You are not able to play anymore with revive-launcher!

This is very bad news and a milestone in history for EA. But we also have good news for you:

Your soldier statistics are not lost!

They are saved in our database. So now we have to look for an alternative, and there is one way to go:


Especially this means for you, if you want to continue playing with your account, you have to register at
BF2HUB. We recommend you to use the same name as you used before, because this will make the merge process easier. If you need more detailed information about this, please look here. The next thing you should do:

Get a legal copy of Battlefield 2!!!

BF2Hub will not offer any downloads for Battlefield 2 game. Make sure you uninstall previous versions of Battlefield 2, including profiles, etc for cleanest reinstall.
AS REMINDER: There is one base game (Battlefield 2) with three additional titles (Special Forces, Euro Forces, Amored Fury):

Battlefield 2

Special Forces

Euro Forces

Amored Fury
If you are a hardcore fan, you may have purchased every single title over time. Others of you may bought the Deluxe Edition (which is the combination of Battlefield 2 and Special Forces). Or you maybe bought the Complete Collection, where all four titles were bundled. There were two versions,one normal and one from EA Classics, which was a bit cheaper. Nevertheless, Euro Forces and Amored Fury are now integrated in the newest patch for free!

Deluxe Edition

Complete Collection

Complete Collection EA Classic

To play with Bf2Hub, you need to have purchased one on these title combinations! If you have none, we recommend you the Complete Collection by Origin, because this is the easiest and fastest way for you. For mor information please look at our Tutorial.

Last step for you: Tell us your OLD and you NEW account name and pid. Please do this via >> this << form.

If you have any further questions, you can always send us an email or write to facebook.

Then hopefully we will see each other again on the battlefield soldier!

With kind regards
Your ShadowHawkz-Team
Changed medals, ranks and swapped ribbons!
21.08.2017, posted by JayDLX
We increased the score for Lieutenant General and General to make it harder to get the best two ranks. For cleaner conventions we swapped Staff officer Ribbon and Distinguished Service Riboon. They are corresponding to the medals now. Finally the Good Conduct is working as we expect now: Its the revive medal! Like the good conduct ribbon, you will neeed revives to get this medal. For each Good Conduct Medal you will need 1000 revives. We also changed the Purple Heart. It can be obtained mutiple times now, like most of the other medals. If you have 16 deaths in a round, you will get one.

With kind regards
Your ShadowHawkz-Team
Added 4 new battlefield servers.
19.08.2017, posted by JayDLX

With kind regards
Your ShadowHawkz-Team
Added download section.
02.08.2017, posted by JayDLX
Have you always wanted to play on a certain server?
But have not found the necessary mods and mappacks?
Then we have a good news for you!

We have now created a complete Download Section with all the important information and files, so you always have the overview. With kind regards
Your ShadowHawkz-Team
Added bf2all64 mod server.
30.06.2017, posted by JayDLX
We added a server with a new mod for our battlefield servers. This mod provides the common 64er maps from:

Battlefield 2

Euro Forces

Amored Fury
This mod can be downloaded in our news section:
The mod can be downloaded here! (~ 185 MB)

Here is an quick overview about the maps running on this server:

Amored Fury Maps

Operation Harvest

Midnight Sun

Operation Road Rage

Euro Forces Maps

Operation Smoke Screen

Great Wall

Taraba Quarry
With kind regards
Your ShadowHawkz-Team
Changed ribbon & medals awards mechanics.
28.06.2017, posted by JayDLX

In this news article we will discuss our changes we made on the medal awards and will show some modifications to the ribbon data.
We did a wipe on the medal data (analoque to the ribbon data). In general we removed the time bindings to different medals. Medals should be the highest award which a player can recieve.

So we increased the requirements. Also we are trying to find a intuative ribbon requirement for the army (time) ribbons. These maybe will be removed later on (or wiped to). Medal data are not entirly loss. You just need the initial requirements for medal data. Here a little example:

If you have 35.000 helicopter kills and you kill 300 bots in a round, you will get three medals, because you have 3 x 10000 kills already. This only will happen once!

Also medals like Medal of Valor, Distungished Service Medal and some others have different requirements now from scratch. So we hope you understand the wipe.

The following table will show you the changes we made to the different awards.


Award Description
Staff Officer Ribbon
Score 40 → 30, removed time requirement
Legion of Merrit Ribbon
removed time requirement
Valorous Unit Ribbon
Kills: 50 → 40
Air-Defense Ribbon
Kills: 40 → 30
Ground Defense Ribbon
Kills: 40 → 30
Airborne Ribbon
60 seconds → 30 seconds
IAR = In A Round


Award Description
Meritorious Service Medal
• 400 heals
• 400 resupplies
• 200 repairs
• 10 IAR of repair, supply or first aid
Combat Action Medal
• 25000 Kills
• 250 IAR teamwork
Medal of Valor
• 25000 Teamscore
• 250 IAR Teamscore
Distinguished Service Medal
• 2500 commander score
• 50 IAR commander score
Air Combat Medal
• 10000 Kills
• 300 IAR jet kills
Armor Combat Medal
• 10000 Kills
• 300 IAR tank kills
Helicopter Combat Medal
• 10000 Kills
• 300 IAR helicopter kills
Combat Infantry Medal
• All Basic class badges
• 25 Kills with infantry weapons (like the Infantry Officer Ribbon)
Marksman Infantry Medal
• All Veteran Class Badges
• 150 Kills with infantry weapons (like the Infantry Officer Ribbon)
Sharpshooter Infantry Medal
• All Expert Class Badges
• 300 Kills with infantry weapons (like the Infantry Officer Ribbon)
Good Conduct Medal
Out of service
Planned: 1000 revives and 25 IAR, working on it!
IAR = In A Round

Also we hope all of you still have so much fun like us with our servers!

Now get back to the fight, and earn some medals!

With kind regards
Your ShadowHawkz-Team
hanged ribbon awards mechanics to work correctly.
27.04.2017, posted by JayDLX
We did a major update on the ribbon awards. They are working like a charm now! Sorry for any convenience about missing and not recieved ribbons. The new awarding system is kind of similar to battlefield 3 and 4 ones. Now it is possible to achieve the ribbons multiple times, but each ribbons is limited to be earned ONCE a round.

We completly changed the requirements on each ribbon, they differ from original ones. Because of that we did a wipe on the ribbon data. Since there could only be obtained once before, this sould not be so bad. Here is a quick overview about the changed ribbon requirements:
Air Defense Ribbon

Kills: 40 of
Ground Defense Ribbon

Kills: 40 of
Infantry Officer Ribbon

Sum kills: 125 of

Staff Officer Ribbon

Com. Points: 40
Com. Time: 20 min
Aerial Service Ribbon

Kills: 110 of
Armored Service Ribbon

Kills: 110 of
Crew Service Ribbon

Driver specials: 100
Distinguished Service Ribbon

KD-Ratio: 50
Min. Kills: 225
Far East Service Ribbon

Not Active!
Helicopter Service Ribbon

Kills: 110 of
Middle East Service Ribbon

Not Active!
Meritorious Unit Ribbon

Teampoints IAR: 10
Valorous Unit Ribbon

Kills: 50 of
Airborne Ribbon

Para. Time: 1min
Combat Action Ribbon

Kills: 175
Good Conduct Ribbon

Revives: 25
Legion of Merit Ribbon

Teampoints IAR: 75
Suad Time: 20 min
War College Ribbon

Kills: 40 of

For more detailed information see Ribbons or click at some ribbon image.
As you can see there are still some ribbons marked as inactive. We will cover them on the next update, whitout affacting the unmarked ribbons.

With kind regards
Your ShadowHawkz-Team